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Hear what some of our co-op students are saying.

Thota Abhinav Picture

Abhinav Thota, Co-op Student

As a co-op student on the drilling and production team at BCER, I am responsible for processing abandonment reports submitted by permit holders. The thing I liked the most about working for the BCER is that my colleagues are kind, cheerful and always willing to provide guidance and support, which allowed me to quickly gain confidence in a role that I had practically no prior experience in before taking on this job. Working for BCER allowed me to grow both professionally and personally, and I look forward to continuing my development as a part of this exciting and forward-thinking organization.

Adiarto Saka Picture

Saka Adiarto, Co-op Student

Throughout my 6 months of my 8-month work term in the BCER, I have gained more insight and knowledge regarding the innerworkings of the oil and gas industry. In the role of reservoir engineering coop student, I have been integrated in a team of experienced professionals who are willing to teach and help me develop my skills further. My primary tasks are workover/completion reports and fracturing data analysis. These tasks required me to learn and read about the daily activities in fields and has given me insight regarding the outlook of the industry. What I enjoy the most is the work environment that I have been placed in that encourages growth and continuous learning, my coworkers within my team and out have always helped reassure me of my tasks and helped if needed. This positive working environment has helped me excel in developing my professional and interpersonal skills in the work environment, and will no doubt help me prepare for any future endeavors I may have later in my career.

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